Welcome to Designkartan

Designkartan is a maps service / product developed by us at Norstedts Maps / Kartbutiken, in cooperation with Jana Seta who are one of Europes leading map producers.

The goal with Designkartan has been to create a map that feels genuine, Scandinavian while being personal. We have by combining classic map colors and modern decor colors created a color pallet that will look great in most homes.

Designkartan is printed on high quality 200 gram mat paper for optimal color saturation.

The maps are printed at Kartbutiken located in central Stockholm.

How do i order?

It is really easy to create your own personal map.

Click ”Design your map”


Here you can choose the city or location, alternatively one of our pre-made inspirational designs. The map can be moved with the marker in the frame and you can zoome in and out using the buttons, or by scrolling the mouse. You can choose 3D-view or 2D-view. You can always start again by pressing 'Reset'. Tip: By holding the right mouse button you can drag the map to turn it any way you want


Here you can choose portrait or landscape modes, if you want a circular viewing window, as well as the size of the map. Please note that the circular map only exists in the size 30x40cm.


Choose the color theme that best suits your map.


Add your own text, change the text to better match your need, or remove some text that doesn't fit your design. This is also where you choose the font.

The maps can be ordered in three sizes:

How and when do i get my Designkarta?

Your delivery happens via DHL to your closet pickup point. Normally your delivery happens in 2-4 business days.

Map data

We use map data from OpenStreetMap, which is an open database created by OpenStreetMap Foundation and its contributors. Read more about their work and how you can contribute here.